Tuesday, March 08, 2005

So, how's it going in Afganistan?

About a month ago, Aviation Week passed on a few juicy tidbits from Col. Cardon Crawford, director of operations for the combined forces command Afghanistan. I don't remember seeing these in the paleo-press or on the blogs, not even in Arthur Chrenkoff's Good News From Afganistan coverage.

From Neutralized Warlords (link for subscribers only):
The conflict in Afghanistan is changing. Warlords are being co-opted or removed, cross-border traffic limited and cooperation with the Pakistan military improved to the point that they are now spotting for artillery bombardments fired from U.S. weapons in Afghanistan at insurgents in Pakistan.
On the other hand, a Pakistani General tells Al Jazeera it never happened (hat tip Rantburg):
"This is baseless and ridiculous, it has got no truth," Pakistani army spokesman Major General Shaukat Sultan said on Wednesday in response to allegations by Colonel Cardon Crawford, director of operations for the U.S. Military command in Afghanistan.

Sultan also said that Pakistani troops were cooperating with U.S. forces based in the other side of the porous border but "it is a cooperation in terms of intelligence sharing."

"It is not in terms of inviting their (coalition) fire onto our territory," Sultan said.
The fact that the denial appears on Al Jazeera does nothing to enhance its credibility, but there it is.

Another tidbit from the AvWeek blurb:
The role of U.S. troops has now largely shifted to training the ANA and providing it with the logistics needed to move quickly around the country.
Sounds like a prototype for what US forces are planning to do in Iraq in OIF-3.