Saturday, March 12, 2005

Loony Left: Wrong Universe

Earlier I posted a theory that loony leftists must be insane to believe some of the things they say they believe. The cross-posting on Blogcritics generated lots of interesting but inconclusive discussion. Now I have a new theory. Considering all their incredible wrong-is-right conclusions, is it possible the loony left is stuck in the "Mirror, Mirror" universe of Star Trek?

Look at the preview of "Mirror, Mirror" and tell me that Kirk, Sulu and others from the parallel universe aren't eerily similar to the caricatures of Bush Administration figures as portrayed by the marching moonbats of the loony left.

Here's more evidence.

Normal Spock:

Evil Spock:

Real Bush Cheney:

Moonbat Bush Cheney:

Barking Moonbats, come back to our universe! It's nicer over here!

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