Monday, February 21, 2005

Who is Maurice Hinchey?

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Here is some background on Rep. Maurice "It originated with Karl Rove" Hinchey.

He represents New York's 22nd district. Note the gerrymander required to include Ithaca.

(Map from Hinchey district page)

Rep. Hinchey's US House of Representatives home page is here. His official bio brags about some pork, some holding of Greenspan's feet to the fire, some enviro stuff and some Nixon bashing. One distinguished note is his service in and honorable discharge from the US Navy. Rep. Hinchey's Democratic Underground bio page is rather bland, and his bio on the Daily Kos seems to be an exact copy of the one on DU.

Hey, he's got a multimedia page! I'll send him a pointer to the audio and see if he'll post it!

Rep. Hinchey raised $715k last cycle. His biggest donors came from Cornell University, unions, trial lawyers, and a couple of aerospace giants, Lockeed Martin and BAE Systems. (Huh? Is that because he is on the Appropriations Committee? But he's not on the Defense Subcommittee. Strange.)

He appears to be a pro-"choice" "Catholic." And he gets a 100% score from the Planned Parenthood PAC.

Americans for Better Immigration gives Rep. Hinchey an overall grade of D for his recent immigration- and border security-related votes.

The (Hudson Valley and Catskills) Times Herald-Record says Rep. Hinchey is "big on gun rights," but he gets a C from the NRA (better than Sen. Shumer's F, I guess!). The Times Herald-Record did a candidate interview with Rep. Hinchey last cycle. Check it out for his views on some other issues.

The man travels! He's number four among all US Senators and Representatives!

I hope this helps you get to know Rep. Hinchey a little better.

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