Monday, February 21, 2005

Hinchey update

A Daily Kos commenter says CNN's Inside Politics is covering the Hinchey story (via lgf). No transcript yet.

No coverage yet from local papers, per Confederate Yankee (also via lgf).

UPDATE: Pooklekufur says:
5:38 pm: Charles is being interviewed on MSNBC at this moment. CNN has just shown a screenshot of Littlegreenfootballs.
I assume the time is Eastern since his Blogger profile says he is in New York.

UPDATE 2: Michelle Malkin is on the story with quotes from MSNBC broadcast:
Ron Reagan promos the story, calling it the "latest storm on the internet." MSNBC plays the audio recording of Hinchey's remarks.

Reagan gives credence to Hinchey's remarks, in half-jest. Crowley: "What was this guy thinking about?!...How about CBS screwed up bigtime, Ron?"

Charles Johnson's photo shown on screen, along with screenshots of LGF.

"I think it's blatant fear-baiting really," Johnson notes. Any reasonable person who sat down and tried to create Hinchey's scenario would get a "migraine headache."

Reagan: "Is this big in the blogosphere?" Duh. Johnson notes his traffic is two to three times his normal rate and mentions links from,, and NRO.
The story has made it to MSM a lot faster than I thought it would. It seems they are learning!

UPDATE 3: Charles reports on his media contacts (MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News).

UPDATE 4: The CNN transcript is up, and mentions Carpe Bonum prominently. See above for more.

UPDATE 5: The Connected Coast to Coast web page on MSNBC links to LGF, but the link is to the main page, not a specific entry which is discussing Hinchey directly. CNN gets the nod for better coverage on this one, for sure.

Meanwhile, the Hinchey outburst is the first item in the Grapevine segment on Fox's Special Report with Brit Hume (about 31 minutes into the broadcast). The audio is not played, but three screens of text from the transcript are displayed. Nice.

UPDATE 6: Here is a very interesting linker to Carpe Bonum on the Hinchey story. I wonder what they are saying!