Monday, February 21, 2005

Hinchey strategy: Retreat and Moonbattery

It appears Rep. Maurice "It originated with Karl Rove" Hinchey has chosen his strategy: Retreat and Moonbattery.

It comes in the form of this Ryan Deuel piece in the Binghamton (NY) Press and Sun Bulletin: Hinchey: Rove may be behind fake documents (hat tip, Confederate Yankee).

First and foremost, Rep. Hinchey admits the recording is authentic. This will go a long way in allowing the story to hit major media as an actual story rather than a meta-story about what blogs are talking about.
Hinchey reaffirmed what he said Saturday in Ithaca during a community forum on Social Security. An audio clip of Hinchey's comments has been circulating across the Internet.
Hinchey said the audio clip on the Internet is accurate.
Next, the retreat-but-revel-in-my-own-moonbattery strategy. Watch for it, it's subtle but unmistakable:
"I have no proof," Hinchey said Monday night. "But if the documents originated at the White House, then it would fit the pattern of the White House manipulating the media. And if it did originate in the White House, then it must have come from the most brilliant, most Machiavellian of all of them, Karl Rove."
"It's my theory," he said, "that it could very well have been the White House that supplied those fake documents."
Talk about brilliant!

Moonbats hear "White House manipulation," "Machiavellian Karl Rove," and "White House supplied those documents." They swoon and sigh and break out their checkbooks. But slander lawyers hear, "I have no proof," and "It's my theory," so they sadly pack up their briefcases and go home.