Monday, February 21, 2005

Hinchey story on CNN: "Blog storm" predicted, Carpe Bonum credited for "delving deeper"

Blog reporter Jacki Schechner, and political producer Abbi Tatton covered the Hinchey story today on the blogger segment of CNN's Inside Politics. They predicted a "blog storm" and credited Carpe Bonum for "delving deeper" into the issue.

From the transcript:
TATTON: They're making fun. They're making amusing comments about it, but they're also delving deeper into it. We went to the site Carpe Bonum (ph). This now has a profile, who is Maurice Hinchey? They're looking at his background, his district, different things like that. Is this a blog storm in the making? Who knows?

SCHECHNER: I say we go on record and we predict that this is going to be a blog storm.

TATTON: It's going to get bigger. The start at the beginning of the day. And more and more conservative blogs are linking to it, so it looks like it's going be out there for a few days.

SCHECHNER: I think the anticipation is they're going to dig deeper into Hinchey at this point and try to find out what he's all about and why he's coming out, avoiding Rove.

TATTON: And whether they want him to apologize or what they want him to do.

SCHECHNER: Well, the other thing on Carpe Bonum that we thought was interesting is they think the presence of the tapes will help and not hurt in the aftermath of this and they anticipate a quick retraction and apology.
(Emphasis mine, natch.)

UPDATE: Post edited for length and to add focus.