Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hinchey bombshell on Little Green Footballs

Little Green Footballs has an audio recording of Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) at a community forum in Ithaca, NY. To a clapping and cheering audience, Hinchey makes a wild accusation that Karl Rove planted the fake memos with CBS (at least he admits they are fake!):
Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY): People have been - people in the media have been intimidated. The media has changed in the last four years. People have changed in the last four years. They've had a very very direct, aggressive attack on the, on the media, and the way it's handled. Probably the most flagrant example of that is the way they set up Dan Rather. Now, I mean, I have my own beliefs about how that happened: it originated with Karl Rove, in my belief, in the White House. They set that up with those false papers. Why did they do it? They knew that Bush was a draft dodger. They knew that he had run away from his responsibilties in the Air National Guard in Texas, gone out of the state intentionally for a long period of time. They knew that he had no defense for that period in his life. And so what they did was, expecting that that was going to come up, they accentuated it: they produced papers that made it look even worse. And they - and they distributed those out to elements of the media.


Audience Member: Don’t you think it’s irresponsible to make charges like that?

Congressman Hinchey: No I don’t. I think it’s very important to make charges like that. I think it’s very important to combat this kind of activity in every way that you can. And I’m willing — and most people are not — to step forward in situations like this and take risks.

Audience: [Clapping and cheering.]
My prediction:

Unlike Eason Jordan's case, the recording is clear and available, so there will be no chance to lie about what Hinchey said. Once the audio makes the mainstream media, I believe there will be a quick retraction and apology, and there will be zero lasting consequences. Alternately, Hinchey will revel in his moonbattiness, his constituents will love it, and he will be set for life.

Either way, I think the presence of the recording will help, not hurt Hinchey.

Too bad for Jordan his video didn't get out.

UPDATE: Dr. Sanity is on the case:
This is the Left's new version of Descartes' "I think, therefore I am". In their view, "I feel it, therefore it is", seems to sum up their entire philosophy of life, as well as the nuances of their "thinking". Evidence or facts are entirely unnecessary.
UPDATE 2: Welcome InstaPundit and WizBang readers. For a little more Carpe Bonum drivel which you might find entertaining, check out They are insane.

UPDATE 3: Power Line is on the story also:
It's easy to write off this kind of thing as limited to the moonbat wing of the Democratic Party, but here's the thing: when is the last time you heard any Democrat criticize this kind of nonsense, or try to distance himself from it?
UPDATE 4: See also this link-laden Hinchey backgrounder: Who is Maurice Hinchey?

UPDATE 5: Myopic Deal has a nice roundup of blogospheric Hinchey buzz.