Friday, February 18, 2005

Condi in '08? Matthew May says yes!

Matthew May has a nice counterpoint to Condi for President critics like Carpe Bonum here: The Bandwagon (hat tip, Decision '08)
As conservatives, supporting a candidate for the presidency who is not a career politician would do much to further the argument mere electoral success is not a barometer of exemplary executive leadership potential for the future. Sec. Rice can be that symbol, and she can continue to represent her nation – a nation that needs her – in the highest counsels of our government. Her life, her education, and her experience are uniquely American and she is represents the best ideals of the Republican Party and the United States of America.

If Condoleezza Rice is not qualified for the presidency, who is?
Well, doesn't that make me feel small.

Still, my concern is not that she is unqualified to serve, but that she hasn't developed the skill of campaigining and winning votes, and that we don't even know if she has the talent for it.

I'm willing to be proven wrong.

(But how to prove it before Campaign '08 begins? Catch-22!)