Tuesday, February 22, 2005

CNN's Inside Politics: Good TiVo Fun

After Jacki Schechner and Abbi Tatton mentioned Carpe Bonum on their Inside Politics blog segment yesterday, I thought it would only be fair to get them on the TiVo and check them out in video form (rather than just reading transcripts).

I got a chance to watch today's show, and I thought their report did a good job of informing a typical CNN viewer what was going on in the blogosphere. Atrios and Kos got too much air time for my taste, but they were clearly identified as lefty blogs.

Confederate Yankee's continuing Hinchey coverage got a nice mention.

I like the way they actually display the blogs they are discussing and let viewers see for themselves.

And it was interesting how Judy Woodruff turned the the Hinchey stuff from yesterday's blogger segment into a live interview with Hinchey today.

Inside Politics has earned the distinction of being the just the fourth news show to be a regular in Carpe Bonum's TiVo (in addition to Brit Hume, Meet the Press and Shepard Smith). Congratulations!

UPDATE: Carpe Bonawife says I shouldn't admit Shepard Smith is in the TiVo. "He looks too old now, not like during the war." Mmm kay. Sorry, Shep, you're out!