Monday, February 14, 2005

Ahmad's professor responds

Remember Ahmad Al-Qloushi? He's the Kuwaiti student at Foothills College who said his professor told him to seek counseling for his pro-America views. Carpe Bonum blogged about it here: Welcome to America, Ahmad Al-Qloushi.

Well, Professor Woolcock has turned up in a comment on the Jawa Report blog (as of now, it's the fourth to last comment in the thread, very near the bottom):
I deny unequivocally all the allegations Mr. al-Qloushi has attributed to me regarding my suggestion to him that it might be helpful for him to discuss his long-standing concerns with a college counselor, as I have described here. All the other allegations made are false and have no basis whatsoever in fact.

Professor Joseph A. Woolcock
Woolcock tells his side of the story in the comment. But Frank Villon on the Now You Know blog isn't impressed:
Woolcock claims that his suggestion that the student seek therapy was taken out of context:
Based on the nature of the concerns and the feelings of high anxiety which he [the student] expressed, I encouraged him to visit one of the college counselors. I neither forced nor ordered Mr. al-Qloushi to see a counselor . . .
Frankly, mister Woolcock's statement is disingenuous. The student never claimed that he was "forced" or "ordered." That is a deliberate straw man set up by Woolcock. The student simply stated that Woolcock had suggested that he seek therapy. Of the two disparate versions of the story, I know which one rings more true to my ear. I'll give you a hint; it isn't the one who's trying to pull the Wool over my . . . ahem, eyes. And to the one who is trying to pull the Wool over our, er, uh eyes, I suggest he see a counselor. But I'm not forcing or ordering him.
While Ahmad's essay may have gotten poor marks in a fair evaluation, I'm with Frank. Woolcock's actions and statements smell.

Check the data and decide for yourself.

Thanks to reader Paul for the tip.