Saturday, January 15, 2005

Why America is safe now?

Ali the Free Iraqi has a fascinating post today entitled Why America is safe now.

Ali's theory is that another attack on US soil would give the US political cover to expand the War on Terror to other countries besides Iraq and Afganistan. Thus the dictatorships that are supporting Bin Laden will not support such an attack. If true, this would be a kind of second order deterrent effect. And it would utterly vindicate President Bush's admonition that it is better for us to fight the terrorists with Soldiers and Marines in Iraq than fight them with firefighters and police officers at home.

Ali wonders if the US is planning to continue to slug away at the terrorists in Iraq, an option he sees as bad for Iraq in that it keeps the war on Iraqi soil. Or will we move on to another Middle Eastern country which the terrorists are using as a base. DEBKAFile reports that Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage delivered, among other things, a stark warning to Syria to keep its new Kornet AT-14 anti-tank missiles out of Iraq because the US commander in Iraq is authorized to act against Syria as he sees fit (hat tip, Dr. Sanity).

Ali's perspective as an Iraqi "not living before the 9th of April" is very interesting. Click through and give his post a read.