Thursday, January 06, 2005

Who's insanely partisan?

Kevin Drum is going to peg me as ankle-biter of the week, but I can't let this go by.

Drum comments that he is "depressed" because he can't support Arnold Schwarzenegger's anti-gerrymandering proposal, even though Drum thinks it is a "great idea":
So why am I depressed? Because the insanely partisan atmosphere of contemporary American politics means I can't support this proposal even though I think it would be good for the state. After watching Texas Republicans ram through a brutally gerrymandered mid-decade redistricting that gained the Republican party four congressional seats in the 2004 election, how stupid would a California Democrat have to be to agree to meekly support a goo-goo proposal that would have the effect of giving Republicans more seats in yet another state? ... So as much as I hate myself for this, count me out.

One cheer for Drum for his honesty, but come on! If this is real, then all we can expect going forward is resistance to any idea that comes from a Republican. That isn't debate, its obstruction. Ask Tom Daschle how far that got him.

For actual rational debate see these items on Social Security and voting reform.

Also noted by Todd Pearson here and here, who says it better than me: "Even when Democrats and Republicans agree on substance, they can't take positive steps forward because to do so would be to give aid and comfort to the enemy."

See also Universal Acid, and The Moderate Republican.