Saturday, January 01, 2005

Two elections that may never end

Kevin at Whizbang groups the San Diego Mayor's race with the Washington Governor's race:

Two Elections That May Never End

The race for Governor in the state of Washington, and the race for mayor in the eighth largest city in America, San Diego.

The San Diego race seems like much more of a done deal than the Washington one. Murphy has been inaugurated and Frye is left with the prospect of another "Count all the votes" lawsuit.

Kevin continues:
Whether you believe they should or should not be counted, I'd venture to guess that anyone who remembers the whole "intent of the voter" standard practiced in the lorida 2000 recounts would know how the Palm Beach Board of Elections would deal with those ballots. The intent is crystal clear, it's the mechanics of the process that are at issue.

It is true that the intent of the bubble-less write-ins is clear, but the general election was tainted from the start.

The fact that the City certified Frye as a write-in was a huge error. San Diego's primary and runoff system is clearly intended to get a majority of votes for the winner of the general election. It makes no sense to allow a write-in candidate in this context. The fact that Frye was certified certainly took anti-Murphy votes away from Roberts thereby tainting the election. The remedy is to rerun the general election with just Murphy and Roberts.

So, the real loser in the San Diego race was Ron Roberts. But Roberts bowed out long ago, and Frye faces an uphill battle.

I think the Murphy victory is going to stick.