Saturday, January 01, 2005

Tilly Smith: Quake Angel

The New York Post reports on a ten year old girl who saved probably dozens of beach goers at Maikhao Beach in Thailand.

Tilly's family, from Surrey, England, was enjoying a day at Maikhao Beach last Sunday when the sea rushed out and began to bubble.

The adults were curious, but Tilly froze in horror.

'Mummy, we must get off the beach now!' she told her mother. 'I think there's going to be a tsunami.'

The adults didn't understand until Tilly added the magic words: 'A tidal wave.'

Her warning spread like wildfire. Within seconds, the beach was deserted -- and it turned out to be one of the only places along the shores of Phuket where no one was killed or seriously injured.

Nice work, Tilly.

(Via Drudge)