Monday, January 03, 2005

Something to agree with on Daily Kos!

If you browse around on the Daily Kos, you can probably guess there's not much I agree with there. But today he rattles off a list of electoral reforms, getting it at least half right:
  • Extend election day to at least a week. Keep ALL polls open during that time, not just a few at county HQ.
  • Get rid of partisan election officials. A more ridiculous and inherently unfair system can never exist. It is the King of Conflicts of Interests.
  • Implement a national standard for voting and fund it.
  • Get rid of touch screen voting machines. A paper trail is useless, as a machine could easily be programmed to cast the vote for candidate A, while printing a receipt with candidate B's name on it.
  • Select optical scan machines. The technology allows for quick tabulation of the votes, while retaining a paper trail for random audits and full recounts.
  • All precincts that reported lines longer than one hour should be required to add voting machines before the next election.
  • The pitiful state of voting infrastructure in poor and minority areas is literally criminal, and redress should be sought both in the legislatures and in the courts.
  • Ditch the electoral college.

I'm with him on all these ideas, except the ones that are unconstitutional: the week long "election day" and getting rid of the electoral college.

(Image from Web-TV via S.P.A.C.E.)