Sunday, January 09, 2005

Social Security reform: Attack!

Matt Margolis at Blogs for Bush overstates it a bit when it links this article as evidence that the Democratic a party is denying that there is a Social Security crisis. The article only lists Charlie Rangel as a crisis-denier. As this earlier post documents, there are plenty of attacks from the left beyond simple denial.

But Matt is spot on when he says:
The last thing they'd want is for a Republican President (especially George W. Bush) and a Republican Congress to be creditted with saving Social Security.
Kevin Drum was crystal clear the other day in his "insanely partisan" post. He thinks Arnold Schwartzenegger's anti-gerrymandering idea is great on the merits, but:
how stupid would a California Democrat have to be to agree to meekly support a goo-goo proposal that would have the effect of giving Republicans more seats in yet another state?
Then again, Kevin Drum is only one person.