Tuesday, January 04, 2005

"Media Induced Ignorance" in the UK

Melanie Phillips posts a speech she made January first on media bias in the UK:

The public has been grossly misled by the British media, and falsehoods have become accepted as fact, so much so that any statement of actual facts which undermine this mindset are excised from the debate altogether.

Focusing on the Iraq war, terrorism and Israel, Phillips details twisted reporting in the British press, explains how it came to be, and warns of its consequences.

She cites example after devastating example of false reporting and unbalanced treatment of issues. The result is, "media induced ignorance," and a society that is, "no longer is capable of rational debate based on facts and logic." Read all seventeen pages as she draws her blood chilling conclusion.

This is a very important speech as a detailed indictment of the British press. What it is missing is a solution to the problem.

And that, my friends, is where you come in. As we are seeing on a daily basis, we now have the means to route around biased reporting and eliminate media induced ignorance. Through the blogosphere and other online resources, we can see direct reporting of events unfiltered by editors. We have access to immediate fact checking, analysis and debate. Each post or pageview reduces the legacy media's influence a tiny amount.

Media bias and the legacy media itself are on the road to irrelevancy, helped along by people like Melanie Phillips.

Well done.

(Hat tip Power Line)


The Owners Manual blog says it better than I did: "Without the blogosphere, this dire warning goes nowhere. With the blogosphere, we have a chance." alt-ctrl-del blog sees a parallel between what Phillips observes today and British media behavior in the 1930s. I wish I could disagree.

Also noted by Ed Driscoll, John Hudock, Mark Roger Kilo, and Flopping Aces.

UPDATE 2: Even the left side of the blogosphere roasts the New York Times for shoddy research. Bravo.