Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Left advocates for totalitarianism and terrorism

BlogCritic commenter Alienboy quotes for us a quintessential example of Media Induced Ignorance (comment number 19 in the linked post). It is a Gary Younge piece in the virulently anti-American Guardian, and is available here.

In Younge's universe, terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay are "innocent people." Castro dominated totalitarian Cuba "lives in a stable mixture of the imperfect and the impressive." And, as counted by the "independent" Iraq Body Count, murders committed by terrorists in Iraq are America's fault.

Yes, as Younge points out, there is still some realpolitik going on in Uzbekistan and many other places. So what? We can't do everything in all places at the same time. And if we tried, the Guardian would surely vilify us even more. Freedom for everyone is the goal, but it will take time.

There was a time when the Left believed in such things. But due to their unrecognizably distorted view of the world, they advocate for totalitarianism and terrorism instead.