Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraqi election coverage

Here's a quick snapshot of the coverage around 7 AM here on the Left Coast:

CNN: Flag draped coffins and father of KIA saying it was all about the WMD.
Fox: Thousands from Abu Ghraib region walked 13 miles to vote.
MSNBC: Detroit polling place on south side of city even though most Iraqi expats live in the north.
CNN: Balad-bound British C-130 crashes
Today (NBC): Beginning of a long process, another election next year
CNN: 3 dead in Hillah bus explosion. Continuing violence. Historic election.
Fox: One polling station in Baghdad steady flow started at 9 AM. Turnout estimated at 72%. Voters wanted to vote to defeat terrorists. Strong turnout in some areas of Mosul
CNN (Anderson Cooper from Baghdad): Historic day in Iraq. No one complaining about hour wait to vote. "Heard that over and over again." "Truly an extraordinary day." "Yes there were attacks...but the story today is people turning out in great numbers." Ink on fingers "a symbol of pride."
CNN (Suzanne Malveaux): Bush believes this is a great day for democracy. Low expectations. Rice hitting the airwaves. Preemptive strike: Dr. Rice believed mechanisms will be in place to include Sunnis.
MSNBC (Talking head general): Violence far lower than expected. Today an overall success. Successful at putting Iraqi face on poll security, but no mistaking a lot of American military presence.
ABC: TV Church service
CBS: Blues Clues

I think Cooper missed the memo!