Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The fishie war hits the blogosphere

Carpe Bonum Quick Take

I don't have time to do the topic justice right now, but here is a quick take on the evolution vs. creationism debate.

Have you noticed the fishie war on people's bumper stickers? You know, the little Jesus fish redrawn as a Darwin fish having sprouted legs, being eaten by a big Truth fish? It's a fun little snark war being played out on our freeways.

But the serious side of it is that both Creationists and Darwinists feel threatened by each other and there is no need for it.

The Moderate Liberal has a posting today sounding the alarm: The War Against Evolution. It has a quite entertaining series of cartoons from one side of the debate.

But may I offer this advice to each side?

Creationists: By definition, science does not refute faith. They coexist peacefully if you treat science as a process by which we arrive at our best human understanding of the world around us. Scientific knowlege is in constant flux as we improve our methods of observation. The state of scientific knowlege at one particular moment can not and should not be regarded as ultimate truth. Instead, science is a tool to make useful predictions about the world, nothing more. Stop trying to evict science from science classes.

Darwinists: Science does not refute faith. Stop characterizing religious people as stupid gullible robots. Faith is a legitimate basis of belief. But the theory of evolution is not a faith, it is science. It is not heresy to question it. Many things about Darwin's original theory have been discredited (such as the law of use and disuse). Science must be questioned in order to...

wait for it...

evolve! So don't be afraid of religious people questioning science. Use your best science to discuss it. Point out where the other person's argument diverges from good scientific method. Agree to disagree when it comes to matters of faith.

Keep science class scientific, but don't crush dissent.

And enough with the fishies.

UPDATE: Kevin Drum is sounding the alarm, too. And there is more on Outside the Beltway (Hat tip, Wizbang).

UPDATE 2: Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost puts it nicely:
Science should remain science and religion should remain religion.