Friday, January 07, 2005

Armor Geddon's Fallujah series continues

Here is an update to the Armor Geddon Fallujah roundup I posted previously.

This is a superb series of postings telling a tank commander's story of the battle of Fallujah.
(BTW, warning language).

See also this message from a US Navy Surgeon who has treated some of the Marines wounded in Fallujah.

UPDATE: I'm seeing a fair number of hits to this fairly old index, so I went ahead and updated it with the episodes that Neil has posted since I originally got posted this version of the index.
UPDATE 2: Fixed broken link on "10 November: For S__ts and Giggles."
UPDATE 3: Added "Mewborn, Crank It Up" link.
UPDATE 4: Added "CB: 8 November" link.
UPDATE 5: Added "12 November: Caught In The Kill Zone" link.
UPDATE 6: Fixed "CB: 8 November" link.