Thursday, December 30, 2004

Carpe Bonum policies

I created a little brewup over on BlogCritics by posting an anonymous interview with a young Bush Administration poliitcal appointee, whom I identified only as Mr. P. As a result, I decided I need to post a few policies for Carpe Bonum. In order not to clutter the main page, I have post-dated this entry to make it the first post of the blog. The actual date of the last edit is at the bottom.

And now, the policies:


For the time being, Carpe Bonum is published anonymously. As I posted once, I do identify myself in email. I don't on the blog because I'm not quite ready to be so easily found in Google or wherever. Some day probably, but not yet.


I am not being paid by anyone for any content I put on any blog, nor for any political consulting, nor for any advocacy. Everything I do related to blogging is personal and for free. Any proceeds from blogads on the site, will be to pay for hosting or other blog-related expenses, not for profit.


I may reprint the contents of blog-related email, but in general, I won't publicly identify the emailer except by first name. If the emailer is a blogger, I may identify the writer in the form of a link to his/her blog. If the emailer specifically requests to be identified, I may comply.

Note, this means that abusive emailers are immune to being publicly identified, but not immune to having their abuse reprinted and ridiculed.

Note also that this is the policy right now. Check back often if you dearly want to take advantage of this immunity, because I might change the policy later, if events warrant it.


Any blogger who demonstrates through manual action having actually noticed Carpe Bonum gets put on my blogroll. I dream of the day this becomes impossible to manage due to sheer volume.

Updated February 25, 2005, modified blogads language.