Thursday, December 30, 2004

Beretta = sissy, Colt 1911 = cool

Here's one I sent to my Dad and brother.

I think you guys will enjoy this post:

This is a blog by a conservative foreign service officer. It's very interesting. There's a lot to like in this post, but here is a sample:

Anyhow, late into the party, the Colonel, who had been knocking back scotch pretty heavily all evening, came up to a friend and me, fixed us with that patented stare and blurted out, "The American Army . . . it has become homosexual!" ... The Colonel literally threw down his drink, reached into his jacket, pulled out a Government Model .45 and waved it at us... "Look at how beautiful she is! This is a real gun, a gun for a man! A Colt 45! Not that sissy Beretta 9mm your Army is buying!"


If/when I figure out how to add a blogroll to my template, Diplomad will definitely be on it.